About Us

About us

Company Name: Hangzhou Shuangbai Trading Co., Ltd.

General items: Clothing and apparel rental; shoes and hats wholesale; shoes and hats retail; daily necessities sales; daily necessities sales; food Internet sales (only pre-packaged food); food sales (only pre-packaged food); daily necessities rental; textiles, clothing and household goods Wholesale; sales of labor protection products; sales of maternal and child products; sales of toys; wholesale of stationery; retail of stationery; sales of office equipment; wholesale of sporting goods and equipment; retail of sporting goods and equipment; domestic trade agency; wholesale of computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment ;Retail of computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment; network equipment sales; software sales; office equipment consumables sales; digital video surveillance system sales; stationery equipment rental; rental services (excluding licensed rental services); Internet equipment sales; security technology prevention System design and construction service; Internet data service; Computer system service; Information system integration service; Information technology consulting service; Information system operation and maintenance service; Internet of things application service; Market management service; Data processing and storage support service; Camera and video Production services; advertising release; digital cultural and creative content application services; organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities; cultural and entertainment brokerage services; organizing sports performances; conference and exhibition services; etiquette services; information consulting services (excluding licensing information consulting services) ;Social and economic consulting services;Marketing planning;Market surveys (excluding foreign-related surveys);Enterprise management consulting;Corporate image planning;Real estate consulting;Security consulting services;Consulting and planning services Independently carry out business activities in accordance with the law)

Our team has been in the retail and wholesale business for over 35 years.
We combine long-term experience and relationships with today's Internet expertise and talent to form a team unmatched in the industry.

Our experience

Our background is in retail and wholesale - we've done it successfully and have been testing and trying out the business for over 35 years. We know the players, we know the game. We understand domestic and international product sourcing and would love to discuss our work with you.

Our team has clients in many parts of the world and has extensive experience in travel, cultural relationships, rules, regulations, language and all the tools we need to make every transaction safe, honest, simplified and fast. We are here to grow with you in the long run. We love meeting new people, no matter where you are from, please email us and introduce yourself and your business!

Doing international transactions is not easy. Earning trust on the international stage takes time, and in most cases, a long time. In addition to time, it requires one of the most important tools any business needs to transact internationally: connections - we have them! Our executives have strong and solid connections in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, and of course North and South America. We work with people who live and work on every continent of the world and in the many countries with which we regularly interact.